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The Borough of Roselle has been a leader in addressing vacant and abandoned properties, and restoring them to productive use. Using tools the Network helped shape, Roselle has maintained a strong joint abandoned and vacant properties ordinance. Local officials engage residents and community leaders throughout the process, asking them to help identify properties in neighborhoods that may be hazardous. They encourage residents to contact code enforcement and have instituted an innovative data collection method for tracking code complaints and violations. The Borough has generated over $375,00 in revenue from fees assessed to address vacant properties. Even more importantly, properties that are abandoned are being renovated and restored to productive use in the community. Roselle has now taken the next step in their problem property program, creating a nonprofit that will work with local entities to rehabilitate properties, creating jobs for residents and ultimately generating tax revenue for the Borough.

In October, the Borough of Roselle was awarded the Housing and Community Development of New Jersey’s 2015 Outstanding Municipal Partner.

Source: Housing and Community Development of New Jersey
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