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Recently, Camoin Associates conducted an analysis of the community to underscore historic trends and projections for the future. The first section of the community profile they cover basic demographic, economic, industry and occupational data that helps shape the economic base of Roselle. Key socio-economic data includes population, income, housing, educational attainment and poverty rates. Industry trends are shown at the 2-digit (i.e. high-level) and 4-digit (i.e. detailed level) NAICS codes and include employment by industry, anticipated increase/decrease by industry, and certain competitive indicators based on Location Quotients and Shift Share analyses. Finally, occupational trends are shown at the 5-digit SOC codes for current occupations and increase/decrease by occupation, with the requisite educational attainment. All of these types of analyses are explained in greater detail in Attachment A of the attached report.rose homes tan house

Camoin Associates note that the socio-economic and demographic information that is presented is based on the U.S. Census place boundaries as of 2010 (i.e. how the U.S. Census delineated Roselle for the 2010 round of the census). The industry and occupational trends are shown for the ZIP code or codes that best fit the community. The data used is based on ZIP codes for industry and occupational trends due to how the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Bureau of Economic Analysis collects and reports employment information.

To read the entire report, please click HERE.

Produced by Camoin Associates

Produced by Camoin Associates


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