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Roselle is located in Union County, New Jersey.

Roselle is located in Union County, New Jersey.

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The Borough of Roselle is located in central Union County and is bordered by Cranford to the west, Linden to the west and south, Elizabeth to the northeast and Roselle Park to the north. Roselle was formed from portions of Linden and was incorporated as an independent borough in 1894. It has a mayor and council form of government. In 1883, Roselle was the first village to be electrically lit by Thomas Edison.


Roselle is bordered to the north by Route 28 and to the south by Route 27, both major commercial arteries connecting it to other destinations in Union County and the State. The NJ Transit Raritan Valley Line runs just north of Roselle and the station in Roselle Park is easily accessible. Additionally, the Northeast Corridor Line runs south of the Borough, with a station in Linden. Roselle Borough is served by NJ Transit bus routes 48, 56, 59, 94, 112 and 115. For workers in Roselle, 77% commute via a private automobile, either alone or in a carpool (7.8%). 7.4% use public transportation, and 2.2% walk or ride a bicycle to work. Over 10% report using a taxicab, motorcycle, or other means of transportation. The average commute time for a worker from Roselle is 28.9 minutes.

       Demographic                            Number

  • Population                                            21,085
  • Land Area                                              2.7
  • Per capita income                             $26,324
  • Percent below poverty                    12.10%
  • Median household income             $52,000
  • Median age                                           37.0
  • Total housing units                           7,939
  • Median housing value                    $258,900
  • Average household size                  2.84
  • Mean travel time to work              28.9
  • Age 3+ enrolled in school              5,341
  • Persons per square mile                7,953.5
US Census Bureau, 2010 Census and 2008 – 2012 American Community Survey (5-Year Estimates).
Source: County of Union
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