Mayor’s Welcome

Mayor Christine Dansereau

Welcome to the Borough of Roselle’s new economic development website. I encourage you to look through and learn about the borough’s strategic plan to motivate business growth, residential development, and innovation across the community.

Together, with the help of the council and the community, the borough plans to expand on the success of recent improvements to boost economic activity across all neighborhoods. Projects such as the development of Chestnut Street’s Commercial Corridor, the First Avenue Redevelopment Plan, and the rehabilitation of Roselle’s Golf Course, are all major parts of our master plan for economic growth.

Our mission is to fulfill an aggressive economic development plan that will create lasting jobs and build new homes. We want to foster a sense of community through this interactive website, where you can share your thoughts and voice your opinions.

Our small town is quickly becoming an attractive destination for all to visit, to live, and to work. Charming, yet affordable, the Borough of Roselle is bursting with opportunities for economic growth.

Whether you are looking for a place to live or build your business, the Borough of Roselle is here to serve you.

Join us as we Revitalize Roselle, one block at a time.

Mayor Christine Dansereau

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