Council Members

Kim Shaw

Council member Yves

 Yves Aubourg

Carla Walker

Council member Andrea Statem

Andrea Staten

Council Member Samuel Bishop

Samuel Bishop

Council Member Reginald Atkins

Reginald Atkins







Roselle is incorporated as a borough. The salaried governing body is the Borough Council which is made up of six members and a mayor. The mayor and council representative-at-large are elected by the entire borough. The remaining five council members are elected from five wards, one from each ward in which the member resides. Term of office for mayor is four years; council members, three years.

A borough administrator, appointed by the Borough Council, tends to the day-to-day operations of the municipal government.

The council is the law-making body of the borough. Ordinances, the laws of the municipality, must have two readings before adoption by council. At least ten days must elapse between date of submission (first reading) and the final passage (second reading). During this time, the ordinance must be published in the newspaper and citizens given an opportunity to be heard at a public hearing.

The general public is encouraged to attend all public hearings. All meetings will be available on the event calendar shown at the bottom of the website’s home page.

To contact any of the council members, please click HERE.

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